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Adult Catechism Sunday School
Submitted By: Ben Breslin
Church: Faith Fellowship Lutheran Brethren Church - Kelso, WA
Description: A collection of PowerPoint presentations dividing the Small Catechism content and discussion material/questions into 30 sessions, each about 40-50 minutes. This was originally used in an adult Sunday School setting for one school year (Sep-May). Included with the presentations are PDF documents of outlined notes (usually 2 pages to fit on the front and back of one sheet of paper) for participants. Includes one Word document, which is referenced in the presentation with the same date in the filename.
Christmas Trivia Game
Submitted By: Bruce Stumbo
Church: Triumph Lutheran Brethren Church - Moorhead, MN
Description: "ConfirmIT!" style quiz on Christmas. Use with anyone!
COMING SOON! Encounter With Chad: Discovering the Great I AM
Submitted By: Dorie Fink
Church: Bethesda Lutheran Brethren Church - Eau Claire, WI
Description: Encounter with Chad: Discovering the Great I AM explores some of the I Am statements of Jesus, while looking at the life and culture of people in parts of Chad, Africa. Originally designed as an intergenerational VBS curriculum, it is highly adaptable for mission conferences, weekend events, and short-term Sunday school classes or evening programming. Digital content can be made available to people online or through various media and was developed in partnership with LBIM staff and missionaries serving in Chad. Check out the downloadable scope and sequence, plus all the content that will be available January 2022!
Congregational Vitality and Revitalization
Submitted By: Nick Mundis
Church: Church of the Lutheran Brethren Denominational Offices
Description: What is Vitality? Congregational vitality is about dying to self and about new life, it is about living life together intentionally, it is about God’s “stuff” being the stuff we want for our lives. It is a journey that is both adventurous and treacherous. Vitality is not a program; it is a pathway… a transformative […]
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Feeling a Little Lost?
Submitted By: Mark Johannesen
Church: Church of the Lutheran Brethren Denominational Offices
Description: When I was in high school, my friends and I played this game where we blindfolded a passenger and then drove them to an unfamiliar place. Once we arrived, the blindfold was removed, and that person now had to guide us back to where we started. I remember being the blindfolded person and having it […]
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Submitted By: Bruce Stumbo
Church: Church of the Lutheran Brethren Denominational Offices
Description: “God wants His world back.” Greg Finke’s statement included in his book, “Joining Jesus: Show Me How” landed on me like a ton of bricks. Here’s the rest of the paragraph: “God wants all things made new, the ends of the earth saved, all things reconciled to himself. This is the mission of God. This […]
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Gospel Mentoring
Submitted By: Gretchen Ronnevik
Church: Good Shepherd Lutheran Brethren Church - Fergus Falls, MN
Description: A free, online course (short videos and optional worksheets) for those interested in learning how to reach and engage younger women in and out of the church. The course will use Titus 2 as a jumping off point, and train you to know the difference between "law" and "gospel" and why that is important when teaching younger women.
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