Church On Track--Shift  #5—Committees to Teams

09/21/21-Episode 069
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The CLB Forge Podcast

Church On Track--Shift  #5—Committees to Teams

Mike and Sara talk with Ryan about how to make shifts in your ministry teams so that they can avoid some common challenges and work together in a healthier way.


5 Ways You Can Help Shift Your Committees into Teams:

1-Keep responsibility, and delegate authority

2-Build ministry leadership teams with people who will be carrying out the ministry. 

3-Beware of making your church organization too complicated

4-Encourage your teams to do life together

5-Model healthy team leadership yourself


Hosts: Sara Pensyl and Mike Natale

Editing: Ryan Nilsen

Producers: Mike Natale and Ryan Nilsen

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The CLB Forge Podcast

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