A Matter of Balance

As I went through the joys of physical therapy following a knee replacement, the therapist was always attentive to my need to keep my balance as I worked through various exercises. I soon discovered that his attention to my ability to go up a flight of stairs or simply walk down a hallway was warranted. I’m glad he didn’t have a chance to see me swing a golf club or roll a bowling ball a year later. Balance was an issue then, and it is to this day. 

I watch couples, usually older, walk arm in arm down the street and not because they are being romantic. They are, however, being loving and kind as one of them, if not both, needs the other to stay balanced on their walk. 

I have an older friend who doesn’t go anywhere without the help of his walking stick. That stick was a thing of beauty when he first got it. It’s all beat up, scraped and worn now, but it’s still a thing of beauty as it helps him stay balanced and walking into church (when I usually see him) or anywhere else he goes. 

Here’s the key to balance for most of us—it’s a three-point connection. Two feet on the ground and a walking stick or a helpful friend on your left or right. This is why there are grab bars in rest rooms and showers. It’s why we have handrails on stairways. Sure, lots of people can bounce up and down the steps of a stairway without holding on to something or someone, but watch for those who are not able to, or shouldn’t. Two feet on the floor, and a third point of contact to assist in the journey. 

You know where I’m going: spiritual balance. Life balance. Three points of contact: One is your own desire to be faithful and fruitful as you serve Christ. Another might be a mentor, a spouse, a pastor, or friend. What’s the third connection which will provide balance we can be sure of as we live in this rather chaotic, out-of-balance world? God, Jesus, His Word. Of course, but when our concentration on Him (call it worship) grows weak or goes missing in daily life, we are quickly of balance. 

Think about it, won’t you? Let me know what you think and how we can best attain balance…and stay that way. 

Food for thought: Even God has three-points of contact with us. 


Bruce Stumbo - North American Mission Ministry Associate