Welcome to the Forge

Nick Mundis

It is with excitement and high expectations that I welcome you to the CLB Forge. Thank you for taking the time to check it out. We get to all be a part of the development of this important resource for our North American CLB congregations. It is with great anticipation and a sense of expectancy I invite you to engage and grow the CLB Forge to become an effective source of vitality in our North American Mission of the CLB.

We are a united set of congregations based on our common theology and mission. We now need our congregations to connect, equip, and encourage through shared ministry resources.

Have you ever wondered like me –

  • Where can I find that information?
  • Is anyone else already doing something like this?
  • Has another congregation already created the document we need?
  • I can do an online search, but it sure would be nice just to know if any CLB congregation has created this document or procedure based on our theology and/or polity.
  • Have any CLB churches created their own children’s church material that we could use?
  • Are there any Bible Studies that have been created in our CLB churches that I could use for my small group this fall?
  • Is there anyone in the CLB that can help me start a ministry to special needs adults?
  • I wonder if we could bring in a CLB “expert” to walk our leadership through building successful ministry teams?

This is just a sampling of the types of questions many of us have had over the years as we have served our various CLB congregations.

When I was serving as pastor of Faith LBC in Briarcliff Manor, NY our elder chairman wondered why we were unable to know whether other congregations have something to offer into issues we were facing. As a gifted project manager, he felt this was a real shortcoming of the CLB. We need something, he said, to connect the resources being created and used within our CLB congregations to other congregations.

Fast forward to 2015, I was looking to create an Elder Evaluation form to be used at Oak Hill Church. I happened to have a phone call with another CLB pastor, and the topic of elder evaluation came up. He mentioned that he had created one and had passed it along to “the synod.” I asked him to send me a copy of what he created – it was wonderful, and we immediately began using it. I don’t blame anyone that it didn’t come through the “synod” to me. There was no system in place for that to happen.

The hope is that the CLB Forge will be that resourcing system that will assist in transforming the CLB into a Disciple-Making Movement in our North American context today. It will unite our congregations in our common mission to reach our communities with the Gospel. The Forge will allow us to amplify the ministry that is already going on in individual congregations.

With all this in mind here is the vision that we launch the CLB Forge:

The CLB Forge will become the North American Mission hub for communication and congregational vitality resources. All CLB North American congregations would be aware, understand, and use this NAM source for their congregational vitality needs. The Forge would by dynamic and growing as more and more congregations engage in the system. Pastors, ministry leaders, and CLB leadership would build connections and find resources beneficial toward becoming a Disciple-Making Movement.

This blog will serve as a consistent communication of the newest phases and areas of emphasis in the Forge. It is here where we will highlight what is new. For instance, have you been listening to the CLB Forge podcast? Check it out and get connected to some of the things that are happening in the CLB.

I invite you to take a look around. There is more to come, and you get to be a part of it!

Welcome to the Forge!


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